Sáblíková will go to RIA! She won the Olympics in time

Twelve years after the memorable fifth place of Lady Kozlík in time for the Olympics in Athens, another Czech cyclist will be featured on the road at the Olympic Games. Amphibian Martina Sáblíková won the 12th place at the World Championship in Richmond, USA in the race against the chronometer and won for the Czech Republic the place for the Olympic race next year in Rio. It’s also her own.

“I’m so happy that it was out, but it was crazy nerves. I am full of emotions and I am very happy.Even for all the people who cheered on me, “Sáblíková wrote on her facebook profile. After three years of participation in the Winter Olympics (after Kateřina Neumannová and Kateřina Nash), she will only become the third Czech woman to be present on the Pea In winter and in summer.

“It’s a huge success. I wished Martin to follow up on my start in Athens and qualify for Rio. I believed she could do it, “Kozlíková was pleased with the television in his Lada Guest House, which he dedicated after completing his career.

In the Olympic Qualification, the so-called reduced order, where each country counted only The best racer.Since Sáblíková finished two bikers from the Netherlands, the USA and Germany, three rivals with Czech competitors cut off. She had the top ten, Sáblíková came in. World champion became Linda Villumsen from New Zealand.

Since the first half of the season, the speed champion has been among the fastest cyclists ever to be on the track. In the fourth quarter of the track, halfway through the sixth time, after three quarters of the ride.

On ice, Sáblíková accelerates on long distances. And cycling?The coworker of coach Petr Novák reached the stage on the provisional stage, the target crossed with exhausted grimaces in the face as the current fourth woman in the order.

“Martin was doing well, it was obvious that even in turns, And the movement on the track was well done. She worked on it. She kept her rhythm, which she had put in the end, she had a well-ordered force. This is also important, and it is evidence of its maturity. Physically, it is good, “Kozlíková praised.

To confirm the Olympic qualifications, it was necessary to wait because the best timekeepers were still waiting. And the stars began pushing forward.The competition with a German, American or Dutch flag for the name did not have to be interested in the Czech applicant for Rio, but Russia, Taťána Antošinovová, surpassed her for 58 seconds.

Will it hurt or not? “I was terribly afraid it would fail. When the Russians overtaken me a few hundred, I thought that if I came to the Olympics, I would go crazy. Fortunately, it was a drama with a happy end, “Sáblíková said. Key rails retained; On another opponent, who could turn her out of the dozen, went over 16 seconds. And she could be celebrating.

“It was perhaps the hardest time I ever did in my life.Main because of the strong wind that was still spinning. I know I had reserves in turns, but the most important thing is that I managed to fight Rio. That’s the most important thing! “She exclaimed.