He thought we would head to Germany with a children

He / she thought we would go to Malaysia at the fresh age group, rejecting in which to stay the rent within “Illichivets” – the tangible farm club “Shakhtar”, which in turn went away plenty of talent which is not

6 participants with the Most recognized Little league effectively turned for the Bundesliga

Against Dolgopolov prison indictment since regards 4 contents 111 of the offender signal connected with Euro Federation “talk trigger associated with profound injury to be able to health and fitness, entailed by imprudence dying with the victim”. For a few

Increases favorite lead in the series? Banská Bystrica waiting for the second match with Martin

BRATISLAVA. In the first match of the semifinal series, the hockey players Martina long kept within striking distance of the opponent. The key has a goal Banská Bystrica nine seconds before the end of the second period, which broke the

His fighting spirit, Vladimir Venevtsev

His fighting spirit, Vladimir Venevtsev has kept up to advanced years. Three decades later, when he was already seventy, Venevtsev rested in the Klyazma boarding house, near Moscow, and once went through the forest to a neighboring village. But soon

And yet Venevtsev famous for his cheerful disposition

And yet Venevtsev famous for his cheerful disposition. One of his jokes led to the delay of the meeting between “Spartacus” and CDKA. Let us turn to the memoirs of Valentina Nikolayeva. “During the match …- CDKA -” Spartacus “CSKA

In the fourth round, Pavel Khalkiopov

In the fourth round, Pavel Khalkiopov, the army coach, arrived at the service of Boris Kochetov. In the first two championships, Leonov and Kochetov changed each other. What did not contribute to the successful game of the army – after